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The importance of beauty around us

Unlike other animals, man is most oriented towards the perception of the world through sight.

People are not so well developed hearing or sense of smell. Therefore, visual art occupies an important part in human life.

It is very important for people to see the beauty around them: unique architecture, beautiful works of art and interior interiors ..

If you are surrounded by beautiful things, you feel better, energy increases. You rejoice when you come to a beautiful place. A special case of beauty is decor. Proper room decoration is very important to us.

A few years ago I started repairing my apartment. And when the repair was completed, the housing did not look like a house, where in the evening I want to cozily curl up and relax.

Over time, I began to hang pictures and only then the house was transformed.

Decor - these are the things that make your home cozy and individual. Pictures can become your allies in creating the atmosphere you need in your home or office.

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