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Very often we want to hang pictures at home, but we don’t know where to start.

* First: You need to understand if I want to paint a picture myself or am I ready to buy.

If you draw yourself, then you need to spend several months in order to learn the basic skills of painting. To do this, you can watch lessons on Youtube or go t

o study at an art studio. There are still many online lessons. All classes take time and purchase expensive materials. This time you can not devote to your family, attending social events or just chatting with friends.

Therefore, it’s worth starting to do this if you are going to seriously engage in painting, as an art therapy or to acquire knowledge in a completely new field (to pump your brain, increase the number of neural connections and train it for a new type of activity). If you do not pursue more than one of these goals, then, it seems to me, it is better to get a finished picture. Most likely, if you write yourself, you will write a lot of pictures and spend a lot of time before you get exactly what fits in the interior. A painting is done in high quality only when the artist who painted it spent thousands of hours on training. Formal education does not matter if the artist has not trained enough every day.

* Secondly, you need to decide which size of the picture you need. If you live in an apartment of 50-80 square meters, with a height of 2.50-2.80, then most likely the size of the paintings does not need to be acquired more than 80x100 cm. Otherwise, they may look too bulky. It is also necessary to consider the range of the beholder. If the distance from the eyes to the picture is less than 3 meters, then definitely do not hang pictures in large formats.

* Thirdly, never worry if the picture is well-drawn. Art is a very subjective thing. And what you like does not have to please others. And vice versa. If you do not like something, then anyway there will be a person who will be delighted with the same picture.

Choose the painting which you like the most!

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