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The formula for any success.

The formula for success in any business is very simple: Many hours to repeat the same action.

The more you repeat the same action, the more often brain neurons go the same way and each time it is easier and easier for you to perform the desired action.

Some days ago in Instagram, I wrote that it is difficult for me to draw a self-portrait. But this problem is solved very simply. As soon as I decide to set myself the goal of learning how to paint my portrait, I should start practicing it every day and sooner or later I will learn how to perfectly paint portraits. Of course, the speed of acquiring new skills is very limited by the age of the person. Over the years, the brain is learning worse and worse about new activities. Therefore, it is very important to be a diversified person and not be afraid to master completely new areas of knowledge. The more knowledge in different areas you gain at a young age, the easier it will be for you to learn something new in a more adult.

Absolutely the same thing happens with the artist. No one can draw right away. If you like how someone draws, this does not mean that he has any abstract talent (I will write a separate post about this and the nature of “genius” as well), it means that a person spent thousands of hours experimenting and training in this activity.

And what are you willing to spend an infinite number of hours to learn?

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