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New Video section

You may already have noticed that I have added a new section on my web site - Video. In this section, I will periodically publish a video with the process of my drawing. Sometimes it will be a video with full lessons for free, which I shot and then voiced.

Now I started with a set of 7 videos. These videos show different ways of drawing letters in the word "Grafika" (Latvian, drawing). Sometimes you need to come up with hatching options and it is easier if you can spy on some ideas. Therefore, I decided to share my most successful ideas, which I came up with while completing the assignment for a lesson in composition at the Latvian Academy of Art.

I’ll post my videos in the Video section and you can also watch them by subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Below you can watch the first 3 videos. The next 2 you can see here. And the last 2 videos I will post tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Enjoy watching.

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