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Today I would like to share with you Instagram accounts that I use for inspiration. Now, thanks to the current situation around the world, a lot of hashtags have appeared through which people show what they are doing at this unusual time. One of the great hashtags through which I found a lot of new inspiring accounts is #isolationcreation. Many accounts use this hashtag to support each other and advertise the posts of people who continue to create beauty.

Thanks to this hashtag, I replenished my subscriptions to accounts that force me to act and support the desire to do my job efficiently and are not afraid that I will spend a lot of time doing it. Any high-quality work takes a lot of time and you almost always have to make a choice between two options: to paint quickly, cheaply, and poorly and sell quickly, or to do it slowly, expensively and efficiently, but then it will be much harder to find customers who are ready to pay an adequate price for a really great work. With such doubts, everyone who enters the path of creativity is struggling. But having done the work efficiently, it pays off much more, but it also takes more time to wait.

So, my favorite accounts that I learned about through quarantine all over the world:

@annstreetstudio - Highly recommend! Absolutely amazing!

Add your favorite accounts to your subscriptions and enjoy!

P.S. By the way, while I am writing this article, I am listening to Frank Sinatra. Listen too! This will add atmosphere while you are checking the accounts that I recommended!

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