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Augmented reality in our life

Do you often visit art exhibitions that exhibit not just paintings or sculptures, but also interactive elements, such as virtual reality, video or augmented reality?

In my opinion, augmented reality is a very interesting element of involving the visitors in the story that he sees on a visual object (most often - a picture). With augmented reality, you can convey much more information about what you wanted to convey to the viewer. Show the feelings and mood of the picture itself.

Now there are many exhibitions where elements of augmented reality are used.

Here you can see an example of the use of such technologies.

In order to be able to apply augmented reality technologies in life, it is deplorable to know Unity&Vuforia, the creation of 3D objects, animation and the C# programming language.

At the moment, I am studying this set of objects in order to combine them with my paintings and make exhibitions much more interesting.

Here is my first small achievement, which took exactly 1 month to study closely.

Right now I have started the next step: learning C# programming.

Follow me on Instagram and stories (@elena_tezhe_elizart_gallery), where sometimes I post my augmented reality projects. And keep abreast of all the new products.

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