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The work of the artist without myths

What do you think the artist’s work consists of?

* Draw every day

* Search for inspiration

* Communication with other artists

* Visiting exhibitions

* Or a study of art history?

The answer is yes, but ....

There are many other daily activities that artists need to do:

1. Buy materials for work (sometimes some things are difficult to find and need to be ordered on the Internet and wait for months or look for local craftsmen who can help you make some unique device)

2. Take photos and videos of your work, acquire special devices for this, understand at least at the initial level how video and photographs are made. Edit them.

3. Maintain bookkeeping, draw up invoices, organize paperwork (or interact with the person who does all this).

4. Think over all the nuances of designing your exhibitions. What do you want to show? Prepare brochures, captions for paintings, think of a way to hang pictures, organize videos and photographs, prepare a speech and learn it, prepare invitations.

5. Write articles for your blog, social networks or other publications if someone wants to advertise you.

6. Engage in the site, think through its structure, learn to use graphic editors, etc.

7. Prepare a newsletter for site subscribers.

But most importantly, the artist must constantly think how to promote himself. He needs to know all the latest trends on social networks, how to promote on social networks, make stories and posts every week in various networks, several of posts in fact.

I do this almost every day. And even now I am writing this article and then I will mark in my plan that this has been done today.

At the moment, I took a short course on promotion on instagram and am trying hard to fulfill the plan every day (at least 13 stories on at least 9 different topics, one live broadcast and a post every day).

I really want to do painting only, but I have to do a lot of other little things.

This is what actually lies behind the image of the person who paints.

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