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Exhibition opening, 7th Feb

Welcome to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Elena Tezhe on the 7th of February at 18:00. Zvaigzne Cafe (Kr.Valdemara str. 6, Riga, Latvia) will host a solo exhibition "Infrared Dutch Landscapes".

Usually we know very little about the Netherlands, but learning about it makes it clear how it has become the world's number one country in various industries. The Netherlands is also a country of great architecture: it has both well preserved ancient buildings and unique modern houses.

The series of paintings will show different cities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in infrared colors. You will learn why this or that landscape was chosen by Elena Tezhe and will taste typical Dutch snacks.

Reply to my reoccurring Facebook event to be reminded. Don't forget to add the event to your calendars! :)

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