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Augmented reality

Dear friends,

Today I would like to tell you about a very useful tool for your artwork. All of you know, that in our days IT is very important. You can use it in every aspect of your life. Also IT is very popular in art creations. There are a lot of devices for the painting in virtual reality (VR). But to use VR you need a lot of additional and expensive devices. Nowadays another thing is more useful - augmented reality (AR). Usually no extra devices are necessary for using an AR, just your phone and an application installed there. By just using your phones camera you can see much more additional things, which you will never see in reality. Today there are not many programs that allow a non-it expert to incorporate AR in your works, but I have found one online project, which looks very good and easy for understanding, if you are not the IT – specialist.

The name of this online project is – ARTIVIVE (

Here you can create your own AR-project with video or 2D/3D objects. It will look amazing on your own exhibition, as well as in other aspects of your life.

As for me, soon I will be extending some of my projects with AR. It will be very interesting experiments.

Enjoy the ARTIVIVE.

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