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Do you want to live in Giverny?

Do you like Impressionism? In case you do, or even if you don't, have you ever wondered where do famous painters get their inspiration from?

Once Claude Monet was traveling by train through Normandy and was so excited by the view out of the window, that later he returned to the place and rented one of the houses there.

In 1890 he had enough money to buy the house and it's surrounding land. Some of Monet's most famous works were made there. So you can say it is filled with Impressionism.

The village of Giverny is the name of this place. Once a quiet village it is now a site full of tourist attractions including the gardens Monet was paining, and a museum of Impressionism.

If you really want to dive into famous painters life and get the most inspiration possible, you can stay on one of the houses he owned:

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