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100x150 cm

Acrylic on canvas




"Dance of the Flamingo" is a vibrant and picturesque painting that depicts two orange flamingos hiding among exotic flowers. The size of the work (1x1.5 m) allows you to fully immerse yourself in the magnificence of the presented world.

The flamingos are surrounded by exotic flowers in different hues that add brightness and life to the scene. The flowers are painted in pink, red and purple tones, creating a contrast and harmony with the orange plumage of the birds. Each flower embodies its own uniqueness and sophistication, reflecting the beauty of nature.

There is an abundance of greenery around flamingos and flowers, which creates a feeling of lush and dense vegetation. Green hues of varying saturation frame the scene and add freshness and vivacity to the overall composition.

The background of the picture consists of different shades of the sea wave. Calm and deep blues, blues and greens blend smoothly into each other, creating an atmosphere of mystery and mystery. They give the picture a harmonious combination of colors, as well as a contrast with the brightness of the flamingos and flowers.

"Dance of the Flamingos" is a picture that takes the viewer into a world of colors, harmony and elegance.

Shipped stretched,
Gloss varnish
Certificate of authenticity
Original only

Dance of the Flamingos

650,00 €Price
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