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80x120 cm

Acrylic on canvas




The painting is a mesmerizing fusion of Cubism and Pop Art, showing a vibrant and enchanting still life composition. At the center of the canvas, a dazzling array of precious and multicolored gemstones is spread out on a table. These gems, with their rich shades of reds, pinks, and oranges, command immediate attention, drawing the viewer into their radiant allure.

The gemstones are depicted using geometric shapes and straight lines, characteristic of the Cubist style, which lends an abstract yet harmonious quality to their presentation. Each gemstone appears to be a distinct work of art within the larger composition.

Hovering above this radiant treasure trove are a variety of exquisite and brilliantly colored butterflies. These butterflies, rendered in bold and vivid colors, epitomize the spirit of Pop Art, adding a playful and whimsical dimension to the scene. Their delicate wings seem to dance in the air, lending a sense of dynamism and life to the tableau.

Beyond the table, the viewer glimpses a serene and picturesque landscape, featuring a tranquil lake and towering alpine mountains. This serene backdrop provides a striking contrast to the lively and dynamic still life in the foreground, creating a sense of balance and visual intrigue.

Shipped stretched,
Gloss varnish
Certificate of authenticity
Original only

Alpine Jewel Ballet

470,00 €Price
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